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Welcome! I'm Nita Jackson. Home & Living has always been one of my favorite subjects . It was one of my mothers as well. I grew up with about every kind of decorating magazine you could think of. Dont worry I did'nt have Martha Stewrat as a mother. My mom always had class ,did things with style and on a tight budget so I feel like I learned from the master ,ya know?
I have this site not because I have my act all together but because I desire to! I began my journey 19 years ago with an injury from from a car wreck that was not my fault. I now have permanent nerve damage in my arm . With not much relief- I am in pain 24 hours a day so I can no longer work harder so I have to work smarter! I gained a passion to get my life in order without it bringing me physical pain.

I'm the happily married wife of 23 years!

It's my desire that as you are supported in your "make life sane" indeavor- we can all help support each other

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