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    What happened to Spring?

    You did get your Spring cleaning done, right? Did you know you spent 40% more time cleaning because of your clutter? With the kids out of school now and all the company.....nobody will notice your clutter. They realize it's just the way it is at your house. But when little Johnny asks his Mom, with you standing there........Mommy, "WHAT IS ALL THAT STUFF?? ". Are there creatures or boogie men hiding in there?" Mom responds," shhhhhhh Johnny, it's OK, we'll talk about it later." You pretend you didn't hear the bratty kid, right?

    The problem however, is how many times have you overheard similar conversations & whispers. I realize, you're too busy to get to the clutter. And also have no idea how to begin. It only gives you a headache when someone needs something out of that pile, or the other piles you have put in boxes. Then there's daily stress it adds to your life.

    There is a choice here. You can stop inviting the kids and your friends over. That would work. Of course the kids wouldn't be happy, but they'd get over it after a while. It doesn't really matter nobody can put their car in the garage. With all the many, many boxes and piles out there. It's better this way, nobody can hit anything in the garage backing out or in. Remember the day Aunt Josie ran into the boxes and it took a week to get the pile off her car and get her out? THAT was the last day of using the garage. How embarrassing. Kind of a funny story. However, not one to be shared!

    You have some serious problems. Life's not giving you enough time for yourself or your family. You can't ever get time back. Do you think anyone has an idea you have a storage unit? Just a couple of bucks a month....yeah right. It's almost time to get another one. But instead you know you can get the mess cleaned up and get yourself organized. After all, you just read an organizing book. Not sure where it is now, but you think you can remember what it said.

    Here are a few statistics for you:

  • The average working person spends less than 30 seconds a day in meaningful communication with their children. OK now, this one can't be reversed!!
  • In the last 20 years, working time has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33%.
    Not looking good .
    None of those worked? I bet there were some butterflies in someone's tummy. That's all right, cause now I'm going to hit you where it hurts.... Let's look at this in terms of dollars and cents.

    Are You Aware... "The Wall Street Journal reports that the average American business person loses six weeks a year searching for lost or misplaced articles from messy desks and files. Six weeks?" That translates into a loss of $3,125 for each $25,000 employee, when an hour a day is spent unproductively. Multiply that toward your hourly rate, or by the number of employees in your office. This unproductive time amounts to a significant financial loss for a business. But if turned around organizing can make you a better profit. -Dr. Donald E. Wetmore}
    Kyna Morrison Owner/author


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