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Organize Tips - Daily Planners
As my husband says if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! If you are committed to bridging the gap between your potential and your performance, better time management should become your lifestyle choice. It's important to find a system that helps you channel your energy toward a more effective use of your time. Most likely it will be either a paper-based or a software-based time planner - or a combination. If you use it regularly, your planner will be your most valuable tool. It will make scheduling easier, help you prioritize and accomplish important tasks, record everything you want to remember and guide you toward your goals.

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Carry an Organizer!

  1. HELPS RELIEVE STRESS: By writing things down, it will reduce the stress that comes from trying to remember many obligations, activities, appointments, and to-do's.

  2. FIND IT FASTER! Using a single organizing system to hold everything saves time when trying to locate important information.

  3. TRACKS TIME! Writing notes on dated pages helps Dad know when and how much time you put into a project.

  4. PLANS THE FUTURE! A paper organizer lets you easily look at an upcoming schedule and plan future events.

  5. SPEND 10... SAVE 60! Ten minutes of daily planning saves 60 minutes of poorly used time.

  6. NO BATTERY BLUES! Important information can't be lost or erased by low batteries or electrical failures. Batteries not included is a good thing!

  7. ADDED PEACE OF MIND: Never again forget where you was supposed to be, who you should have called or how much you paid for any work-related expense! What a pleasure during tax time!

  8. VALUE BOOSTER: Using a Day-Timer Planner will help increase your value to any company, as well as productivity at home when off the clock.

  9. GOAL ACHIEVER: Assists in establishing time-related goals… and keeps you motivated by constantly reminding him until they're achieved!

  10. BRAINSTORMING BUDDY! Sketch, write, highlight, and mind-map even in color. All ideas stay neatly in one place... accessible in an instant.
  11. All at Daytimer!


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iChronos organizer is the first 2-dimensional graphical personal information manager (PIM) that stores your tasks, events and contacts not just in lists, but also on the desktop, which provides much better visualization compared to other organizers.

iChronos: was created as a tool to achieve your goals, a tool to plan your time effectively.
Main features of iChronos:
- Stores contacts, notes, files on a 2D desktop,
- Planner - Tree listings,
- User-friendly interface that uses graphic accelerator,
- Popup reminders about tasks and meetings,
- Reminders about birthdays and holidays,
- Minimizes to system tray,
- Allows creation of cyclical events,
- Allows creation of contacts, tasks and reminders right from the system tray,
- Sound reminders,
- Protects data with a password,
- Quick search in contacts and notes,
- Offers a rich choice of icons for contacts and documents,
- Groups documents and tasks into categories.
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