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Oh The Irony

Iím trying to read an article on multitasking while multitasking. Its not going so well. I think I may have about 50 current tabs opened waiting for direct action or bookmarking.

Am I really accomplishing anything? Maybe. I certainly am not done reading the article. I do know one thing. This is distracting. Having so many things calling for attention is stressful. Iím not sure why I start one thing before finishing another.

When I see something new to look at Iím like a kid with a new toy. I canít wait to rip the packaging off and get started. Think of a magpie trapped in yard full of shiny things each one vying for attention.

Its a bad habit.Itís something I really need to work on. I am going against my own advice. Never a good idea.

The good news is I downloaded Windows Live Writer. It makes blogging so much easier. Iím using it right now. Just by itself. Not trying to do anything else. AhÖ now that feels better.

2 boxes and chair to Goodwill.

Sounds a bit like country song.

The boxes were full of everyday things like clothing and magazines.Buying clothing is one of my many weaknesses but at least someone besides me can benefit from it.The trick is to drop off boxes to Salvation Army or Good will and not be tempted to go in and get more stuff!
Don't get me wrong, you should support these charities.We have found some very useful things like garden tools and phone chargers.

Looks like my "cheatin heart is telling on me"!

While we really liked our mid-century modern chair (so did the dog) there simply wasnt room for it in our downsized house. Even though was a freebie it was time to let it go. It was either the ability to do yoga in the living room or have the cool chair. We chose yoga.
Furniture comes and goes but a healthy body can't be replaced.


Forget the 5 year plan - Do what you can to do today.

I know it's the traditional wisdom that many don't start to organize because it so overwhelming. They just don't know where to start. I often stand in that category myself. I've adopted a new theory - since you only are assured one day, try to get done what you know you can do in a day.
Last month it included the annoying job of doing taxes, a job I truly dread and hate doing. It seems so daunting.
So one day I loaded the software.
The next day I sorted out categories of receipts.
The next day entered w2s and 1099s.
I entered the charity deductions.
That I could do without a massive amount of blood pressure rising. I did file an extension ( not something I do every year thankfully). But because I had done the following I could just push print without breaking into the cold sweats. I'm about a quarter of the way done now.
A good feeling.

So I set out to look at things with new eyes.

It's often said pertaining to clothing we wear that we wear 20% of it 80% of the time. I know those who use the turn the hanger the other way method to know what they donít wear over the course of time.
Iíve been thinking of that in reference to solutions to time management and organization. I think I can be paralyzed looking for the 100% solution. I have decided I'd rather go for the 80% solution rather than nothing. Too much time can go by waiting for the 100% solution while the thing that needs action just sits not dealt with. That drives me more crazy than something that is mostly done but not perfect.
So I set out to look at things that need to be taken care with new eyes. I see this not as compromise as much as it is to have a beginning vision on the way to getting things accomplished. Won't you join me?

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Nita Jackson
Owner- Editor

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