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  • If you have an assortment of garden tools and aren't sure where to store them, use an old cup rack attached to a fence or wall of your garage.
  • Punch storage units into a bedroom or family room wall or hallway to store everything from linens to out-of-season clothing.
  • Organize an area in a laundry room or the garage where you place hats for the outdoors, cushions, sports gear and any other seasonal "stuff."

    Spring Maintenance Chores: (March/April/May) Finally the days are staying lighter longer, which signals spring's arrival. Take advantage of early spring weather conditions to accomplish home exterior maintenance chores.
    Each of these do-it-yourself tasks should take only a few minutes. The payoff -- your home will stay in top shape -- is worth the effort and time.

    M A R C H
    • For the northern portion of the U.S., March is the perfect time to inspect your roof for any damage inflicted during the winter months. Use a ladder and a pair of binoculars to closely inspect the roof. Look for missing shingles, broken shingles or shingles that have been pushed out of shape, damage caused by snow, ice, or severe wind.
    • Hire a roofing contractor to repair problem shingles. If the shingles are damaged to the extent that water seeps into your home, they can be temporarily covered with a roofing patch.
    A P R I L
    • April showers not only bring May flowers but, also, flooded basements.
    • Clean and check your home's gutters to ensure water is diverted from your home. Clean gutters with a garden hose to wash away leaves, branches and other debris. Tools like the "Gutter Getter" can help pull debris out of your gutters as well.
    • Leaks along the seams or corners should be repaired with a gutter patch compound, available in a caulk tube.
    M A Y
    • Cold weather causes everything on a house to expand and contract. By May, the snow is generally gone for good so this is the month to visually inspect the caulk that seals the gaps between your home's windows and exterior doors, and the siding.
    • If the caulk has come loose or brittle, remove and replace it.
    • Caulking is important because it not only keeps cold air out of your home, but water as well. A cold winter can cause even new caulk to separate from the building. Make sure yours adheres properly.
    Y E A R - R O U N D   T A S K S
    • Make sure you change the batteries on all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home at least twice a year. Fire Department officials recommend that this is done in the spring and fall when we reset our clocks and "fall back" and "spring ahead".
    • Although most homeowners think of it as a spring or fall job, check your gutters for debris every other month. A clogged gutter can caused water damage to a home when rainwater backs up over the gutter and washes over the side of a house.

    Some of the materials (and their approximate costs) you'll need to complete these jobs:
  • Ladder ($70)
  • Roofing patch ($10)
  • Garden hose ($20)
  • Gutter patch compound ($7)
  • Caulk gun ($7)
  • Caulk cartridges ($4 each)
  • Scraper/putty knife ($5)
  • Utility knife ($3)
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  • Winter Maintenance Chores: (DEC/JAN/FEB)
  • Summer Maintenance Chores: (JUNE/JULY/AUGUST)

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